Rachel Navarre




About Rachel

Rachel Navarre is a Post-Doctoral Fellow the Center for Inter-American Policy & Research (CIPR) at Tulane University. She received her doctorate in August 2016 from the Department of Government at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research examines policy choice and issue definition in policy making, especially in regards to immigration. Focusing on comparative public policy, her dissertation examined why immigration regularizations were chosen as policy solutions.

While at UT, she worked as a graduate research assistant for the Irma Rangel Public Policy Institute.  Her work covered a broad range of duties and topics, including creating datasets on U.S. Congressional districts and representatives characteristics, helping copy edit several published volumes and providing research on immigration issues in the US and EU as needed. In Spring 2014, she conducted field work in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

Her research interests are in Comparative Public Policy, Immigration Policy and Politics, Inter-American Policy, Regional Governance, US Politics, Content Analysis and Text as Data.